Why to consult : adults, children and babies

Why to consult : adults, children and babies

Mental / Intellect

  • Learning difficulties
  • Concentration
  • Stage fright
  • Hypercontrol.


  • Fears
  • Lack of confidence
  • Difficulties of choice
  • Loss marks
  • Malaise, ill-being
  • Shyness
  • Over-reaction
  • Blockages
  • Stress
  • Relationship problem
  • Repetitive scheme of life
  • Post-traumatic support (accident, bereavement, shocking event)


  • Physical dysfunction in general
  • Chronic pain
  • Allergies, food intolerance
  • Migraine headache
  • Insomnia
  • Anxieties
  • Weight
  • Hyperactivity
  • Sexuality
  • Difficulty conceiving a child
  • Support for the treatment of serious or debilitating conditions (cancer, autoimmune diseases)

Babies and Children

Children and babies spend all naturally by certain phases of numbers, but sometimes it seems to us, as parents, they are excessive or sign of suffering. It also happens that for the family balance or general fatigue, it is worthwhile to help our child to find his inner balance. Examples of difficulties in children: afraid to fall asleep alone

  • frequent nocturnal awakenings
  • nightmares
  • stress at birth
  • difficulty of separation from parents
  • excessive jealousy
  • anxieties
  • difficult life situation: bereavement, divorce, operation, disease
  • anger
  • hyperactivity
  • allergies, food intolerances
  • anger
  • enuresis

Every child is different and will react in a particular way. Therefore, it is important for parents to trust their intuition when their child shows signs that could indicate that something is not for him. For babies and small children, the session is done by transferring with a parent generally.

Around birth

The time around birth is always a highlight. There are all the questions that arises during pregnancy linked to birth preparation and hosting of the child, then there was the birth itself and the life changes that s ‘in the following that are not always easy to manage: the new place of everyone in the family, the needs of each and sutout oneself, fatigue, possible difficulties of the baby, etc.

I offer a job to support you through your questions, your fears and your needs to the best live these moments, helping you to release what you might wear you or the baby (family memories, birth trauma, etc. …) and to highlight what could influence personal and family balance.

As for Parents

As parents, we can experience moments of happiness with our children, but also of great distress when we feel overwhelmed, helpless, helpless in the intensity of the emotions that plague us, like anger or violence. These impulsive reactions are a response to our life story and work to understand the origin can free ourselves.

[The child in front evokes the one we were in, was it unconsciously. The birth of a baby puts the skein of history on the loom. Our emotions are intertwined: one remained unconscious injury, and this is the inextricable knot. Everything that had been ignored until then starts screaming at us. Our own childhood reappears in flashbacks or boring, out of our consciousness, alters our perceptions and guide our attitudes towards our cherubs.]

     Il n’y a pas de parents parfaits, from Isabelle Filliozat, ed. Marabout Resources

Education / School

  • difficulties in school
  • math
  • reading
  • grammar
  • memory
  • dyslexia
  • concentration
  • behavior (timidity, agitation)
  • organization
  • demotivation
  • speak aloud
  • stress at tests and examinations
  • fear of failure

There are two sources for the academic challenges:

1) Brain functioning habits, coordination between the two hemispheres, which works through the Brain Gym exercises

2) The emotional sources:

  • A situation experienced by the child to this: relational difficulty in school, stress in private life
  • An earlier situation experienced by the child
  • A situation that the child wears for someone

My father went bankrupt because there was not enough cash because of too many bills unpaid customer -> I can not move to abstraction (invoice = virtual money) and I can only rely on my fingers

I can not read fluently because in his life, my father received a letter whose contents could topple his future. My brain is afraid to learn by reading bad news.

These two sources are often closely linked and worked together in session. 

Public performance

Musicians, actors, speakers, public presentations: 

How to deal with stage fright and physical reactions?

How to reach out to the public with pleasure and in possession of all his means?

Brain Gym is a stress management technique applicable for each and flexible according to the objective.

The purpose of the session can be:

  • prepare for a public presentation in particular. During the session you will be given the tools and worked towards the goal.
  • learn to manage general stage fright. In three sessions about, this technique can be performed independently and becomes a valuable tool to prepare only one new deadlines. 

Subsequently, there is a possibility of emotional work to clear a possible deeper stress.

Thank you to specify your goal at the meeting

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