Meaning of our difficulties

Meaning of our difficulties

What is the meaning of our difficulties or those of our children, why these fears, these physical reactions or symptoms, why these scenarios blocked?

How to cope?

I propose a working understanding of the mechanisms at work in any emotional symptoms, relational, behavioral or physical and coaching to transform blockages, let go of what is not ours and reintegrate parts of ourselves that we cut to find inner freedom that allows us to balance our health and become positive creator of our life.


In our operation, we could say that everything happens as if the body-brain continuously managing our survival, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. To do this, it is based on « programs » that manage to survive:

  • our physiological organs and systems
  • our emotions as hormones
  • specific behaviors
  • life patterns.

These « programs » are set up following a great stress conscious or unconscious about our biological survival, emotional, or spiritual identity.

These stresses may have occurred in our lived since our birth, at birth, during intrauterine life or around our design.

These stresses may also belong to the history of our family and our ancestors. Indeed, we often wear what really belongs to us and our brain-body taking into account the unresolved difficulties of previous generations, we often express life experiences of members of our family tree.

Facing a symptom, then it is to detect precisely the / situation (s) who are responsible and the feelings that are related to understanding without judgment, consistency of responses in place .

Support in gentleness and respect where being deep and his feelings are welcomed into a trust, and appropriate activities will release blockages by dropping « Program (s) » linked to stress and induce a calming and greater freedom of choice in daily life. I offer individual support in kinesiology, métakinébiologie and techniques associated (french/english) or group in the form of family constellations.

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