Pericardial liberation

Pericardial liberation

Our heart is free of ties to being able to beat totally freely. To hold him in place in the rib cage, he is contained in a bag, The Pericard (pericardial sac).

The function of Pericard is to protect the heart. As soon as we have a stress, the fibers of Pericard squeeze up to protect the heart from physical or emotional shock.
The Pericard is in the middle of the breast, on the diaphragm. Due to its multiple anatomical insertions and neurophysiological intersections, any of its reactions affects all our body. The Pericard is confidentially connected to the heart, to the diaphragm, to the pleurae, trachée, oesophagus, entrance of the stomach, in the main arterial and venous ways, in the center phrenic responsible for the breath, in glands tyroïde and thymus. It possesses numerous ligaments which unit it directly with the vertebral column, of the sacrum up to the base of the skull. Of numerous pathologies find their origin there.

The Pericard is also connected to the stellar ganglions, keys in the regulation of the neurovegetative nervous system. When it contracts, it activates the autonomic nervous system which releases the hormones of the stress and which the programs of survival activate. It is also  responsible for ‘crises’ of the children. Indeed, it is boundto the base of the skull and to the intercrânniennes membranes. When it squeezes up, it deforms the base of the skull by pulling downwards it and the nervestwhich go out of the skull are compressed, where from the reason of crisis.

In the ideal, the Pericard should contract at the time of the stress and then relax to allow the parasympathetic autonomic system to take over and to release the hormones of well-being.

The problem is when we are bearer of stress that are not solved, as memories of birth, not made  mourning  or transgenerational memories. 
Parts of the Pericard, carrier of the information remain contracted and maintain us in the fear, the stress and its physical and psychic consequences without being able to reach our reliable resources.

The liberation of the Pericard allows to relax the Pericard by releasing fears or suffering encoded in it f and to reconnect us in our resources. To pass of the base of Fear on the base of the Life in us.
The liberation of the Pericard can be the object of a session in itself or can be part of tools suited to free a blockage which will beforehand have been put in  conscience.

If you come specifically for a session of Pericard, specify it  🙂

Here is the site of the initiator of the Liberation of Péricarde, Montserrat Gascon, osteopath 
I formed with her in 2015. This discovery is a big enjoyment for me.

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